Vantage Vehicle International, Inc.

Vantage Vehicle International, Inc. Headquarter

Vantage Vehicle International, Inc., headquartered in Corona, California – about one hour from Los Angeles – designs, assembles and sells low speed utility vehicles recognized worldwide for their durability, dependability, and versatility. Vantage offers a range of vehicles from gasoline and electric platforms for the efficient and comfortable transportation of passengers and cargo that can be customized to meet the needs of each owner. From vans that offer seating for eight passengers to trucks with payload capabilities of more than 1,000 pounds, there's likely a Vantage Vehicle that is perfect for you!

Founded by Michael Pak, a former sales executive of Hyundai Golf Cars USA, Vantage Vehicle is an industry leader in its class of all terrain utility vehicles. Vantage successfully sold gasoline fueled low speed vehicles to fleet owners all over the world for eight years when Mr. Pak's entrepreneurial vision led Vantage to introduce its first Electric Vehicle line in December of 2007. Vantage currently offers both zero emission electric and conventional gasoline platforms to offer small fleets and institutions several options to lower their fleet expense.

Vantage's electric vehicles use state-of-the-art components and maintenance free batteries without compromising the amenities of a fully equipped automobile. Every Vantage Vehicle comes standard with a fully enclosed cabin to protect drivers from the elements, lockable doors, AM/FM stereos, heaters and defrosters, and adjustable contoured driver and passenger seats. In addition to Vantage's proven green (use logo for green) and premium vehicle lines, Vantage's PRIMO vehicle line is unlike any other all-terrain utility vehicle on the market today and includes push button 4WD.

Vantage's reputation for dependable low-speed electric and gasoline vehicles continues to grow with its G.S.A. contracts which have satisfied fleet customers all over the world and Vantage's dealer network continues to expand as the sale of its EV line has grown rapidly in recent years.

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