Specifications Premium - VanGo™

VanGo™ Passenger Van with Panels Passenger Van with Windows
Model Number C1000 C1000A P1000 P1000A
Transmission Type Manual Manual
Engine Type EFI EFI
Power (hp) 39 39
Engine Size (cc) 995 995
Passenger Rating* 5 7
Dimensions (L x W x H) 146" x 68" x 72" 146" x 68" x 72"
Wheel Base 98" 98"
Turning Radius 10m 10m
Curb Weight 2,157lbs 2,249lbs 2,180lbs 2,270lbs
Load Capacity* 2,500lbs* 2,500lbs*
Cylinders 4 4
Max Speed 25 mph 25 mph
Cooling Water Water
Ignition Electronic Electronic
Transmission 5 Speed 5 Speed
Steering Rack & Pinion Rack & Pinion
Braking System (f/r) Disc/Drum Disc/Drum
Suspension - Front Strut & Coil Strut & Coil
Suspension - Rear Semi-Oval Leaf Semi-Oval Leaf
Fuel Capacity 10g 10g
Air Conditioning No Yes No Yes
Tires 165/70 R13 165/70 R13

*Passenger rating and load capacity depend on whether the vehicle will be driven on or off public roads. Vehicles driven on public roads meet the requirements of NHTSA FMVSS 500 and are rated for fewer passengers and lighter loads due to gross vehicle weight limitations.